Objective: Burberry is a high-end luxury brand company, mainly clothing, wool products and other products. Their annual report includes philosophy and mission history of innovation, the path toward the future, financial summary, etc. The information in the Annual Report was huge, and my task was to create a more readable layout using negative space and other element. Carry on the better visual system analysis and design.
Approach: Burberry is a luxury brand image company, its wool products are famous all over the world. I want to take this market to a higher level. I used their main image colors in my design. In addition to data analysis, I also paid more attention to the design of board layout, so as to make their annual report more attractive. Starting from the cover design at the beginning, I also used different folding in the division of each chapter to improve the interactivity and make it look more interesting. Give a person a kind of fresh design expression.

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